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Manatee Tours in Crystal River Florida are the Best ...  Crystal River Florida is the only place on the planet where you can take a manatee tour ... Visit the Manatees by taking a Manatee Tour in Crystal River Florida ...  352-564-1757 book early to assure your adventure on a Manatee Tour in Crystal River Florida ... 

I began providing manatee tours to help my guests that came to share a private island vacation with me on my island (

I was hearing that many were not happy with their manatee trips that they booked on their own. Seems several of the guides didn't have a good attitude. So I took a survey over 3 months of my guests, then went to the top 5 companies they liked. I made a deal to work with me to make visitors experiences the best they could be.  This also means I can book you with the best company for your group. They also understand that if I get 3 legitamate complaints, they lose their contract with me.  Please feel free to send me email on how my guides do, good or bad!

Due to the fact that manatees are put off by large groups of people, we encourage small group tours for the benefit of the manatees as well as yours. Unfortunately, because many of the captains take less than 6 people, you may have to call many tour businesses to get placement on a boat, for the date and time you wish. We work with many of the best captains and tour operators to place you with the best trip for you. Please let us know how your trip went ! Feedback is how we choose our captains. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

There are many types of trips available including morning trips, private tours and large group tours (up to 16 people) however, we do not make arrangements with captains that herd people in boats holding 30 people. This is neither fair to you nor the manatees, so with small groups of people manatee encounters are more favorable. Although the manatees love to interact and get their bellies scratched, they are scared and stress out when many people are in the water.
Whether you choose a private manatee tour or a larger group of your family and friends, each and every one of our select captains will strive to make your manatee adventure an experience of a lifetime! Visit us in Crystal River, Florida and entertain the manatees! Why are the manatee tours better here?

We only refer bookings to the captain with the best track record for making them have a life experience. A private boat, a personable captain, all amenities, full day tours and great rates make this manatee tour the true vacation value in because you choose when you leave and return, you choose the activity (where the tour goes and what the tour does), lunch when and where you want, and you'll able to snorkel, fish or cruise the local waters when you want.
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Private and Public Tours Available,

starting at $35 for up to 6 guests
Public Tours     Private Tours


Call us at (352) 564-1757 or email


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 All tours are supervised by qualified, licensed professionals. Manatee tours are the most popular tours offered.
There are also many other tours available including fishing, spear fishing, scalloping, river tours and guided dive tours.

Use the links above to learn more about the tour of your choice, half day or a full day tour of adventure on a private boat complete with an experienced captain.


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